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Our Services

Routine eye care

Examination of the eye to diagnose "refractive conditions"(myopia, astigmatism, etc), glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other common eye problems.


Medical eye care

These are examinations to diagnose and treat medical conditions. For example, eye infections, trauma (abrasions, blunt trauma, foreign bodies-metal, wood, etc.), suspected retinal detachments & tears and other eye/ocular injuries.

Patients seen for post op care after cataract, lasik or other eye surgery are also classified as medical eye care examinations.


Contact lens fittings

We fit all types of contact lenses in the office. Spherical,

toric/astigmatism, monovision and multifocal(bifocal).


Optical / glasses services

We have an optical shop with a variety of frames that can accomodate all budgets. We also have a certified optician available for patients with complicated prescriptions.